REALTORS® are concerned that legalization will lead to more cannabis being grown in Ontario homes. Cannabis cultivation in residential properties can create serious health and safety issues. As cultivation of cannabis in homes proliferates, the Provincial Government needs to take steps to ensure that unsuspecting home buyers are protected and homes are properly remediated.


Chunks of brickwork on the exterior that have been replaced.

Cored Foundations

Foundations and concrete walls cored or breached to get wiring around the hydro meter.

Modified Ductwork

Modified ductwork that doesn’t seem to make sense.

Circular Holes

Circular holes in floor joists or roof trusses from venting (look for holes that have been patched).

Brown Stains

Brown Stains in soffits, created by external venting, or brand-new soffits.

Stains On Basement Floors

Stains on basement floors caused by containers that set unmoved for long periods of time, or stains in laundry tubs.


Modified wiring and electrical panel. Sometimes, live wires can still be in the insulation.


New plumbing for water supply and drains.

Warped Wood

Warped/rotted wooden structures due to excessive moisture.

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