MGOs and synthetic drug labs often utilize a variety of corrosive chemical components that may be discarded down residential pipes, through city drains, along roadways, with regular garbage or into surrounding soil in a non-environmentally manner
that shortens the lifecycle of municipal
infrastructure – burdening taxpayers.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the hazards associated with MGOs and synthetic drug labs.

In MGOs, alterations made to venting of furnaces and hot water heaters, and the presence of fertilizers and pesticides can create bio-hazards such as poisonous fumes and increased levels of harmful CO2. In synthetic drug labs, chemicals can permeate the walls, carpets, plaster, and wood. The dumping of liquid and sludge waste products down drains may contaminate sewer or septic systems and surrounding soil.

In MGOs, the potential for a fire is increased due to the overloaded electrical systems, improper wiring and the extreme heat generated by high-intensity light bulbs. In synthetic drug labs, flammable liquids and solids used in the cooking process are extremely combustible and can lead to explosions. In fact, marijuana grow operations are 24 times more likely to catch fire than a typical home. Fires caused by illegal activities are NOT covered by insurance companies.

Both MGOs and synthetic drug labs often have booby traps and anti-theft devices that can injure or kill potential thieves,  unsuspecting visitors or first responders. The devices and methods used range from very simple to extremely complex and sophisticated.

Improper wiring poses risks to the occupants and visitors. Electrical bypasses are installed to allow grow-operations to steal electricity, and they create the possibility for electrocution to persons outside the home as the ground near the home may become charged with electricity.

Modifications to a residence where an MGO is found, are very common and may affect the structural integrity. Also, high humidity can cause the warping of wood components, including staircases, handrails, floors, roof joists and studs.

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