Grow Operations In Ontario Homes

Protecting Ontario Home Owners against the health and safety issues associated with former illegal grow operations

In addition to health and safety risks, growing marijuana inside a home presents a number of other problems for consumers and as such should be restricted. As an example, Washington State legalized recreational marijuana in January of this year, but does not permit those in the state to cultivate their own marijuana, apart from those doing so for medical purposes.

Whether growing four plants or forty, marijuana plants are fussy. They require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, so they have to be grown in an area like a small room or closet where light can be provided and restricted using lamps. The plants and heat from the lamps produce significant amounts of humidity so even growing four plants could potentially cause damage to a home.

Medical operations can currently be much larger than what the federal government has proposed for recreational growth. Recent Health Canada figures show there are almost 130,000 Canadians who have medical cannabis prescriptions and as many as 29,000 who can grow their own cannabis. How many plants a patient with a license can grow is dependent on how many grams they have been prescribed. Every gram of dried marijuana prescribed translates to two plants outdoors or five plants indoors. According to Statistics Canada, the average amount authorized per client is 2.3 grams. Authorized patients can grow for a total of two people. If each patient is prescribed the average 2.3 grams, that’s an indoor operation of more than 20 plants. As discussed earlier, a grow-op of this size will have significant impacts on the home.

Recent polling completed by Nanos Research on behalf of OREA shows that only 6.3 per cent of Ontarians support allowing four plants in homes, which is the number currently proposed by the federal government. In fact, 36.1 per cent of those polled think there should be zero plants allowed in homes.

Ontarian’s support for number of cannabis plants grown in homes

four recreational plants is a lot of weed.

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